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74 Longview Industrial Court, Alabaster, AL 35137

Designated Parking Spaces & Protective Seal Coating

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Direct Traffic Flow

Stars & Stripes, LLC, paints directional arrows,
parking markings
, and creates special spaces for
reserved or two-hour parking. If needed, we also
create parking stops and install sign poles.

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Seal & Repair Cracks

Maintain your parking lot by fixing cracks
through Stars & Stripes, LLC's asphalt sealing
process. For damage from erosion or dangerous
potholes, we also provide asphalt repairs.

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Veteran Owned
• More Than 10 Years of Experience •

Serving Alabaster, Jefferson, Shelby, Coleman, Talladega, Blount, Walker, & St. Clair, Alabama

Who We Are

Stars & Stripes, LLC, offers striping, marking, and seal coating for parking spaces. With more than 10 years of experience, we have served several businesses in the Alabaster, Alabama, area. Our clientele includes property management companies, school systems, and municipalities. We also work with construction contractors who are paving new parking lots and need marking services.

When you want to repaint your parking spaces or need seal coating for your lot, contact us to request a service.